Financial Support - Your Contributions Can Make the Difference

Cash is one of the world’s scarcest commodities and Camp Sionito is certainly subject to the law of scarcity. While large gifts of cash are possible for some donors, others find it difficult to free up any significant amounts. Camp Sionito encourages giving at all levels of economic means. Contributions to the Sionito Development Fund may be recognized with a brick paver on a specially created brick sidewalk known as the Old, Old Path.

Stocks, Bonds and Mutual Funds provide great giving potential. These gifts allow Camp Sionito to sell the stock receive fair market value and not pay any capital gains tax. The donor receives an income tax deduction for the full fair market value of the shares and does not pay any capital gains tax. The donor may then repurchase the same securities. This results in a stepped-up basis in the new asset for the donor.

Personal Property gifts can be a simple method of helping the campgrounds. We are constantly in need of items such as computers and other equipment.

Real Estate gifts made directly to Camp Sionito may either be rented, sold or traded for other properties.

Planned Giving provides for donors to name Camp Sionito as a beneficiary under a will, trust or life insurance policy.

These represent but a few of the many creative giving options available to friends of Camp Sionito. We will be happy to provide any information that may be helpful in planning a gift to Camp Sionito that will be beneficial for the donor, the donor’s family as well as the campgrounds.


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